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All production is 100% project manager's groundworks. As performing artists, we have fire props producing experience since 2007, and lightning equipment producing in the local market since 2011. We take part in thematic festivals, conventions and support Flow Art community development. Due to foreign performing artists' demand and release of competitive, brand and high-quality products, at the end of 2017, we opened foreign customers relations department, started optimizing the production, the products and export preparation. (About us »)

About the technologies and materials used in products

The project team carries out the entire production cycle. Handcraft and equipment checkout results in a really high quality. Our team realizes how props reliability and stability in use is important. We give 1-year warranty for all products and supply them with a lifelong technical support service.

All our props have shatterproof cases made of polycarbonate, polyurethane and other modern wearproof materials. Thousands of performances across Russia and around the world approved the durability and reliability of our products.

We use only hand assembling, professional soldering and PCBs high-quality installation. Our products contain batteries of high quality, customized especially for us. All batteries are durable, and contain overcharge and discharge protection.

Our company does not use cheap details made in China or the ones of doubtful origin and quality. We work directly with PCBs, chips and other details manufacturers. At the production site, we use only innovative details and attachments by trusted brands.

Props contain many smart functions, such as:

"NEO" Smart Engine.This is a set of "smart" functions which provide steady operation of props. The engine consists of: the protection against hand-ups, auto control of the correct system's operation, detection and correction of mistakes, simple firmware update and much more.

Image stabilization option. Our props have exclusive functions and design which have no analogs in the world, for example - the accelerometer. This function allows tracking the speed of spinning and displaying any image correctly. In other words, the accelerometer automatically adjusts an image stretching and compression, while other manufacturers provide you only with a manual adjustment of the spinning speed.

Wireless synchronization. Reliable and high-quality radio modules synchronize props remotely, and a developed sending signals system prevents failures with a large number of props working at the same time.

A unique color correction system (Learn more). We use high-class LEDs displaying more than 16.7 million colors. Together with a developed color correction system, props display saturated colors and spectacular picture!

Automatic show program creating function. All you need to do for creating a simple show program "in 1 click": To put all the images you like in a folder, to name the folder as "prog" and to turn on the props. That's all! A show program switching the modes every 6 sec. is ready. One can change the switching interval in the settings. The files in a show program folder will be displayed according to the numbers you set for them or by default as they are shown in the folder.

Ergonomics and maximum convenience in operation

After being turned off and on all props save the last opened mode or show program. The power button is protected against accidental pressing during transportation.

Auto-shutdown. If a prop is turned on and for ** time nobody uses it. A "pause" function for all props with a motion detector. If a prop does not spin for 20 sec., it goes to a sleep mode and returns from it if one starts spinning. A pause limit is adjustable.

Navigation buttons are conveniently and consistently located on the case one above another, allowing to understand where are the "top" and "bottom" buttons even in the dark. The buttons comply with the actions "turn on/turn off" or "forward/back". Not to press on the wrong button, show programs return from the "sleep mode" with any button.

Pixel poi does not have inconvenient 10-15 cm. handles at the top, which add unnecessary length and displace the center of balance from the bottom to the top.

All our props contain more than 70 ready-made professional modes (images).

We plan to release many unique products! We hope to win FLOW ARTS performing artists' hearts worldwide, providing them with the best products in terms of price and quality.

Piece by piece we will continue to update the content, make notes and upload articles in our blog, acquaint you with our brand, technologies and latest releases.

Thank you for reading this huge text to the end! :) NeoFlowArt Team.