The importance of color correction 07/13/2018

When people speak about pixel poi, they think about bright images appearing during the spinning, but when one buys pois, the details and technical characteristics are ignored. As a result, the expectations are not always true to life.

Quite often you may find the following comments in discussions: "I have uploaded an image, but in real life, it looks very different", "some LEDs do not display certain colors" or "there are green stripes on light and white colors" etc. and why is this happen? Besides the number of pixels (resolution) and the image reading speed, one should pay attention to one of the main characteristics – to well-designed color correction, which is for some reason often neglected even by large and famous manufacturers. And even such a noted indicator as the number of displayed million colors or high resolution often loses its importance, if their operation is not adjusted properly.

You can be sure that all props produced by NeoPoi are based on the original components and the correct color display system, and, in addition to other "smart" functions, your show programs will be always bright and spectacular!