Latest news about our work and delivery 03/31/2022

Dear community, artists, customers and friends! We work and ship orders all over the world as usual!

Due to the current emergency and political situation in our country, we are receiving many questions.

Like any other citizen of our country, we absolutely do not support the ongoing political madness. Our work about art and unity. Despite all the difficulties we not plan to close our workshop, curently our team ship orders worldwide at business days and work as usually. We are always in touch with our clients for any questions.

About shipping. Closed just UPS/FedEX, because it is not local companies, that is foreign shipping companies with head offices in EU and US. Our local post company and other shipping ways works. We are also currently ship orders by a new transport company, which have special route and post cargo flights to the US every week (to EU shipping available by ground). There may be delays with parcels, but they should not exceed the delays that were observed during the New Year's Eve season. We expect delivery times 14-26 days for regular post, but we not expect any extremely delays.

Thank you so much for your expectation, understanding and support of our workshop, we really appreciate it!

Peace ♥ Love ♥ Unity ♥ Respect ♥ Art ♥ Flow

Best regards,
NeoFlow Team