Our new website & rebranding 2021 / NEOPOI » NEOFLOWART 06/23/2021

Historically, our team was initially engaged in the development of poi. We have our own art space and school and the main direction was poi. When we were planning to create and sell high-tech LED props, firstly we registered the name "NEOPOI". "NEO" prefix for us mean a new wave of props, in which we could bring our ideas to life.

Many years have passed since the creation of our first products. A lot has changed during this time, our team has become larger, a huge number of new friends have appeared, and a lot of new interesting and amazing props have appeared in the community, in addition of poi. We make our daily contribution to the development of the flow community, make experiments, communicate with instructors.

Our range has become much larger also. It's time for a change and we are pleased to announce the change of the address of our website from NEOPOI.COM to NEOFLOWART.COM as also new modern design, which easy to navigate and mobile friendly. New design fully reflects concept of our project. We hope you enjoy it!

Another reason why we changed the name. The world of flow art is not the same as it started in a far 2006, when the old school was born. At the current moment "NEOFLOWART" for us is not just a wave of new props, it is also different styles and spin techniques. Personally we put into this concept of name all the variety of props, arts, as well as techniques, props manipulations, which have truly stepped last years to a new level.

We thank the flow art community for support and feedbacks! More interesting novelties and updates are planned in 2021, stay tuned!