Russian fans (grips) & American/Tech fans (grips). What is difference? 07/20/2022

There are 2 general types of fans and grips which are used by the international community of flow artists, as well as 2 styles of fans spinning.

Type 1 - "Russian" fans. Their size is bigger and the grips are larger. Artists spin them on the palm, therefore the size of hole in the grip is quite large. Size of the Russian Grips is 75-85 mm (2,95 inch-3,54 inch).

Type 2 - "American" fans. Small fans, also called tech-fans. Artists usually spin them on 2-3 fingers, and that’s why the size of the grips is small: 38-50 mm / 1.5 inch-2 inch. People who use Tech fans usually prefer doing tricks featuring geometric manipulation or dancing with them rather than spinning them.

Extra type 3. Hybrid fans. It means that this kind of fans combines those two types. They have smaller size, like American fans have, but with Russian large grips. This type of fans is preferred by artists who are familiar with small fans, but who want to change their style of spinning to Russian, or by those, who just prefer small fans with Russian grips for spinning on palms. Also they often used to ease the transportation, as well as by artists of shorter height or by those who just want them!

The grip you choose depends primarily on the spinning style you like.

Both styles are different and the purchase of large or small fans depends on the purpose of their use. For a performance it’s better to use the large fans, as when you’re performing on the stage, large props generally look better. If you want to use fans for your personal purposes or at a party, your choice could depend on the style you want to practice.

Which size of Russian grips to choose? - Check this image

Which size of Tech grips to choose?

Rings with a diameter of 38mm (1.5) allow you to use 2 fingers in and 2 fingers out the grip. Usually, the ring finger and middle finger are used for spinning and the index finger and little finger are used to control the movement of the fan.

The 44mm (1.75) spinning ring allows users with slender fingers to use 3 fingers comfortably or those with larger fingers to use 2 fingers in and 2 out.

The 50mm (2) spinning ring is more suitable for those who have larger fingers to place, 2 fingers in and 2 out with a bit of extra room. However, some spinners like to use 3 fingers in and 1 out with a bit of extra room.

p.s. 50mm statistically is more popular size than others.

All ring sizes allow to perform the same movements. It really comes down to personal preferences.