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NeoGrip - is the highest standard of tacky tape of 3.2mm thickness which covered the tube, which has a soft under layer and a non slip seat absorbent over layer (two different types combination).


Especially for those who wanted a convenient Dragon Staff & Contact Staff in 1 prop for so long! We present you a bright and spectacular, fully collapsible, LED Dragon Staff. And yet, it's two-in-one! Get spectacular and well-balanced LED contact staff just by removing the beams from the crosses! The design is created in such a way that all electronics is well-protected, and the props won't be damaged after some accidental falls.

The system includes 32 specially developed modes, including 1 automatic mode (a show program), in which all modes change with a 10 sec. auto-interval. Easy-to-use management which can be done by pressing only 1 button.

Energy saving mode. The energy saving mode will help you to make the working time 2 times longer by one click! It's a very convenient function for long journeys or night parties as well as for photo and video shootings or performances in the dark when high light intensity isn't needed.

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