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The Spectrum props series became a hit almost immediately, won over users with its simplicity, durability, utility and price. The props are suitable both for beginners and confidently spinning users.

The system includes 32 specially developed modes, including 1 automatic mode (a show program), in which all modes change with a 10 sec. auto-interval. Easy-to-use management which can be done by pressing only 1 button.

Currently, the Spectrum system is one of the most durable among the mid-price segment props. The props specialty is an embedded Li-Ion battery and charging from USB.

  • Total LEDs4 Ultra bright LEDs in each capsule at the ends.
  • Weight~250gr.
  • Length:80cm (31.5 inch) or 90cm (35.5 inch)
  • Ready to use modes32 + 1 Demo mode.
  • BatteryLi-Ion
  • Working time~7+ hours in full power and up to 14+ hours in energy saving mode.
  • Full charging time~2 hours by MicroUSB cable.
  • ChargeMicro USB cable
  • Tube with LEDsPolycarbonate, diameter - 25mm.
What you'll get:
  • Double Staffs (pair)
  • Micro-USB cables
  • English manual
  • + High quality
  • + Long working time & Easy controls
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