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100% balanced and awesome feeling guaranteed! NeoGrip - is the highest standard of tacky tape of 3.2mm thickness which covered the tube, which has a soft under layer and a non slip seat absorbent over layer (two different types combination).


Contact IzoStaff model for artists and advanced users. The staff is three sectional for transportation convenience.

The staff center is a 20mm/2 mm duralumin tube with the nonskid over-grip for performing contact tricks. Glowing ends of the staff are made heavier with stylish and soft balls. The Staff weight and balance are well spread along all its length.

Other infromation & features:

A sophisticated, shatterproof, soft, eco-friendly, durable and nice to the feel modern balls design.

32 professional and mesmerizing flashing patterns + 1 DEMO mode.

+ EXTRA GROUP of 32 Additional modes without strobe effects, with smooth overflows and gradients, total: 64 modes in 2 schemes!

Li-Ion battery (1200 Mah). Micro-USB charge, long battery performance.

Ultra brightness! 24 Digital LEDs in each head, highest level of brightness and pure colors!

The energy saving mode will help you to make the working time 2-3 times longer by one click! It's a very convenient function for long journeys as well as for photo and video shootings or performances in the dark when high light intensity isn't needed or isn't comfortable.

  • Total LEDs24 LEDs each head.
  • Total length150cm (59 inch)
  • Weight1kg.
  • Heads size (balls diameter)100mm.
  • Ready to use modes64 (32 + 32) + 1 Demo mode.
  • BatteryLi-Ion 1200 mAh
  • Working time~4+ hours in full power and up to 10+ hours in energy saving mode..
  • Full charging time~2 hours by MicroUSB cable.
  • Number of colors16,7 m.
  • ChargeMicro USB cable
  • Gripaluminum or carbon fiber (80cm length) + polycarbonate parts
What you'll get:
  • 1 Collapsible IzoStaff
  • 2 Micro-USB cables
  • English manual
  • + High quality & High brightness
  • + Long working time & Easy controls
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