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SPECIFICATIONS AND MORE OTHER INFORMATION COMING SOON. For this item also available more extra options. If you are interesting in, just contact with us.
NeoGrip - is the highest standard of tacky tape of 3.2mm thickness which covered the tube, which has a soft under layer and a non slip seat absorbent over layer (two different types combination).


Pixel Dragon Staff – consists of 3 pairs of NeoPoi 32 or NeoPoi 80HD with a maximum number of component parts: an image stabilization, wireless synchronization and a dragon convertor.

The dragon-convertor consists of 3 parts, its grip is 90 cm + 30 cm of heads and cross-pieces, the total length when it's assembled is 150 cm. The assembling process takes about 3-5 min.

This model can be called the first fully-featured and convenient pixel dragon-staff in the world, which made from 3 pair of poi! First of all, our pois have perfect weight, performance and balance. The weight in the right place – in the ends of pois, not above.That's why the process of spinning brings so much pleasure! Construction well tested and have a great durability. If you've ever seen any pixel dragon based on hard and immovable beams sticking out the cross-piece, be sure – such a construction won't work for a long. In our case (thank the project engineers), we offer a unique solution. The beams at the fall can bend back, softening and apportioning the strength of impact, by that guaranteeing the damage control.

  • DEMO VIDEO 32 pixels
  • DEMO VIDEO 80 HD (Coming soon)
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