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After a years of prototyping and a hard work, tests, finally we released new generation of poi in high resolution! We have combined in this product all our experience, as well as the best functions that are known and are on the market as also our own unique vision and functions.

UNIQUE FEATURE! We are the first in the world to develop and implement a new, unique feature for this series of professional props! That is a SCREEN inside of poi! It is awesome and super convenient! On the screen you can see a preview of your image or program timeline, as well as the folder number or timeline number!


Limited time - SPECIAL PROMO PRICE! (the promo price will be end 2 weeks before the release of the software for MAC and Windows)

We did our best to release a super product. BUT world problems of last year has greatly delayed our projects. We are late with the release of new software, remote and application! At the same time, those customers who already use our products are well aware of convenient functions and ease of use, because all functions are available without software. You can create and upload your own images, edit the timeline and use the automatic timeline composing function. By placing an order at a promotional price, you get a good discount, as well as support our project and accelerate the release of new software and applications, which is planned soonest!



Wireless sync - included by default, no extra fees!

Image Stabilizer - included by default, no extra fees!

Screen inside of sticks - included by default, no extra fees!


180 pixels resolution! 360 LEDs / each stick!

120+ Preloaded unique & proffesional images.

Perfect sync & highest brightness for show on stage!

High-speed memory for 1500+ images!

100% clear & pure colors!

Highest rendering speed on market up to 4540 rows/sec!

Shortest poi on market for those resolution! - Poi lenght: 58 cm (22.8 inch) / Lenght of LED part: 56 cm (22 inch)

Best weight and balance for spin! All weight at the end, batteries also at the end of sticks. No any handles 10-15cm on top.

Higest durability! Maximum possible crash test for those type of poi on market.

Bluetooth already included by default, but start to working later. After the release of the App, you just simply update the firmware to start.

Long working time for this type of props with highest quantity of leds. 3000Mah - 2 hours at full brightness and 2-3 times more in energy saving mode!

...and not only!

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