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» This is SMALL FANS with TECH Grips (also as known as American style grips). Check the dimensions of fans in product photo-gallery at this page.


Our production uses difficult technical processes and materials to manufacture fans. Sometimes it happens that for some reason, we cannot use fan frames to create LEDs. This is how Oops fans are born. By our quality standards, these fans are not suitable to be sold as new LED. But these fans are perfect for your daytime practice!

We guarantee that there will be no material or any hard or significant defects. All fans are prepared and processed. In 90% of cases, you will not find why discount was made.

International shipping cost for this fans by regular post to US - 30$.

You can choose whichever grip size you prefer.

Available grips sizes:

Classic Tech grips sizes: 2 inch (50 mm) ---- 1,75 inch (44mm) ---- 1.5 inch (38 mm)

*Indicate preferable size of grip in notes to order!!

If you see this block. Hybrid modifications of small tech fans with Russian grips sometimes available also and available for order.

Hybrid fans / Russian grips sizes: 2,95 inch (75 mm) ---- 3,15 inch (80 mm) ---- 3,35 inch (85 mm)

» How to choose the size of the grips in the Russian style? - Check this image

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